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Why I Dress in Pajamas for School

Luke Lombardi

On the internet, there has been a lot of discussion lately over whether people should still be getting dressed up for both school and work. I am on the side of online schooling or working from the home office in pajamas. I personally find it comfortable, and it makes my day a little bit better.

I completely understand why people decide to dress as if they were in a classroom or their typical work environment. One of the most important things, when it comes to school and work for me, is routine. Some people, including my mom, see getting dressed as being part of their routine. By getting dressed, they put themselves in the mindset to be productive and get the day started the right way.

As I mentioned before, the biggest advantage to not getting dressed for work or school is the comfort of wearing pajamas. I do my best work when I am comfortable; the more cozy and at home I feel, the better my mind works. By dressing up, I would only be looking forward to finishing whatever activity I was doing, changing into pajamas and being able to relax. By constantly wearing pajamas, I can trick my body and mind into thinking I am relaxing while doing work.

Most of my classes are presented through slides, Zoom meetings or videos. This type of learning does not require me to be sitting at a desk, so for the most part, I hang out on my bed. I only move to my desk for the classes that require note-taking. It makes no sense for me to get dressed in street clothes to sit on my bed for this type of online learning.

It is important to consider your video chat situation before deciding whether or not to get dressed. If you are going to be on a webcam with other people dressed up or have the camera covering a wide section of the room, dressing up is probably better. This way, you give off the impression you are dedicated and a professional. I do believe that you should get dressed when it comes to work since you are getting paid and expected to be as professional as possible. With work, you are also on more calls and doing more than a student would consecutively. With my online schedule, the longest stretch of being on calls I have is two hours. My mom will sometimes be on video chat for 3-4 hours at a time, so it makes more sense for her to look presentable.

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