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Tuition Increases

By Sergio Rivera
Managing Editor

The Board of Trustees held a public hearing concerning a proposal to a fall 2018 tuition increase by two dollars per credit in the Chambers Hall boardroom on Sept. 23 at 10:30 a.m.

Lauren Lawrence, Vice President of Finance and Administration, said, “There are three major components of revenue that support approximately 87 percent of the budget, and  that’s namely the county appropriation, the state appropriation, and of course, student  tuition and fees.”

“In terms of county support, the county has committed the support of 16,014,662, which is 20.2 percent of our operating budget, said Lawrence, “Total state appropriations have been budgeted at $10,550,000, and that’s 13.7 percent of our operating budget.”

Lawrence said, “The Board, the Freeholders, the College administration, we are very sensitive to any impact financially [on] the students. Our utmost concern is the accessibility and affordability, while maintaining the quality of the institution.”

Lawrence said, “It’s the goal to minimize tuition costs without compromising academic program quality and integrity, so we’re proposing a two dollar per credit tuition increase.”

“It’s approximately a 1.8 percent increase; it’s going to change our in-county tuition rate from $110 per credit to $112 per credit,” said Lawrence.

“While we are raising tuition, we continue to remain the fourth lowest per tuition cost institution in the state of New Jersey between the community colleges,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence said, “Middlesex County College currently serves approximately 12,000 students in the academic degree-oriented curriculum, and 10,000 citizens in our non-credit programs.”

President Joann La-Perla Morales said the budgeted tuition increase, as a part of the 2019 fiscal year budget, was presented at the previous Board of Trustees meeting on Jan. 17.

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