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The Issues With Social Media

Enrique Medel

Austin Reinhart

Carolina Fus

 Every teenager enjoys being on their phone checking their social media accounts 24/7 at school and at their homes, such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok. It is their preferred tool to communicate with their friends and family, make new friends and to share what’s been going on with their daily life. However, social media should not be allowed on any mobile device due to all the negative ways it can affect people. Although social media is a useful way to keep in touch with others and to discover news, it can also have a negative impact on parents and teachers who will take action to put an end to it. The issues that social media can cause to people’s lives must be avoided, which is why social media should not be allowed on any mobile device.

One of the issues with social media is that it’s very addictive to teens. Often, there are students at school who would open their social media accounts and constantly text their friends rather than focusing in class. This also takes place at home, which can give parents a hard time to try and give their children trust. According to Harleena Singh, “…the name ‘social networking’ is ironic as it doesn’t bring people or families closer [and] instead creates big drifts in relationships with people who matter most to us.” Family members get addicted to social networking, which causes poor communication that will cause a lot of issues in the house. Some examples of this are being lazy, developing unhealthy social skills and young children getting involved with too much technology. The negative impact that social media can have on families is unhealthy which is why social media should not be allowed on any mobile device. 

There are other negative effects as well. One of those negatives is how it affects mental health. When it comes to mental health in teens, we look at what causes them anxiety and the image of wanting to be perfect. In a study by Lindsey Dewa in the United Kingdom, they researched what mental health is most affected by. One of the aspects found was the negative effect that social media has on mental health due to the unnecessary stress of wanting to be trendy and looking like the models they see online. When people view these unrealistic views it makes them wonder. Why don’t I have that top? Why don’t I look that skinny? It can cause a lot of stress to someone because they aren’t represented in the media and feel that they aren’t normal. It can even get as deep as different races not being represented. If we had no social media on our phones, it would reduce stress to those where they feel unrepresented. It would be a positive thing for people because it would allow them to be their own individual people and not stress and worry about holding themselves to an unrealistic standard. 

All of the positive arguments for social media use, such as being connected with people close to you and the spread of information can be achieved through a computer at home if you really needed to do it. The other problem with social media being on phones is the sheer normalcy of sending a message to your friend rather than going up and talking to them. This convenience of having social media at our fingertips at all times has created a new way of interacting with each other which makes it difficult to make friends if you aren’t already doing so. Possibly the most important effect social media being this accessible has on people is that they’re so focused on saving the memory of what they’re doing that they forget to actually experience the moment while living it. How common is it to go to a concert, the beach or be on vacation and see people on their phones recording and uploading their experience as it happens? That need to instantly let people know what they are doing in the hopes that other people find it interesting can be very damaging, especially to young minds.

Overall, the addition to social media among our generation is a problem that almost everyone is aware of and simply removing social media from mobile phones just to make it less convenient and tempting to people seems like a relatively peaceful way of addressing the problem. Not only does it affect the minor’s way of life, but it also has a negative impact on family members that will result in possible family problems. However, despite all the negative aspects that social media has, it’s an improved way to connect with friends and family that will help each other to not forget about them.

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