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The Best Thanksgiving Food

By: Jamal Kingston

Lifestyle&Culture Editor


It is the holiday season. Once November hits, it is a time to give thanks for what we have and to think about the life that we live. Thanksgiving food is one of the main points of the holiday. I know that most people love to eat turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes or whatever you may like, but I have the best Thanksgiving foods that you will like the most.

First is the turkey, which is one of the biggest meals of the holiday. Cook it as you please. You obviously have to add seasoning to the turkey, and you have to make sure that the turkey stuffing is removed from the turkey. Also, make sure that the turkey is properly cooked.

Chicken is another meal for Thanksgiving. Yes, not every American eats turkey on Thanksgiving. Some people have preferences, and they like chicken instead of turkey – it is a free country. The same thing would apply for the chicken: Make sure that the chicken is cooked properly, and make sure that the chicken is seasoned properly before you put in the oven.

Ham is another meal that is heavily consumed by Americans on Thanksgiving. The same procedure would go for cooking a turkey and a chicken. Vegetables, including yams and potatoes, are Thanksgiving staples. Make sure that you cook the potatoes well.

As far as the pies and the pastries, to me, apple pie is the greatest Thanksgiving dessert. The scrumptious taste, the mouth-watering feel, the crisp apples that are under the beautiful crust and the warm fall aroma make apple pie a delight of the ages.

Thanksgiving foods come in wide arrays. It truly a holiday where food comes first, and reasonably so.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday.

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