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Submission Deadline for “Disappearing Acts” Art Contest Nears

By Gabrielle Ignotis, Copy Editor

The Middlesex County College library encourages students, faculty and staff to submit to the “Disappearing Acts” art contest at the MCC library by Feb. 28, to inspire creativity and environmental awareness. 

According to, the contest requires applicants to form a creative depiction of an endangered species using any medium or materials. 

The Library Services Director Marilyn Ochoa said that these materials must be recycled or reused.  

Ochoa said, “We, [the library staff], just want to be sure that people are using recycled materials. We really want people to think about the materials around them. Something as simple as a piece of packaging may be used for this. We want people to just use everything they have in a creative way.” 

Elisabeth Oliu, one of the reference librarians, said that applicants must also hand in a printed copy of the submission form. 

She said students should speak to a librarian for help completing this form properly. 

Ochoa said that the library has partnered with Student Life and the Student Government Association to offer prizes for the top three submissions. 

According to, these awards will include a $50 Wawa gift card and an additional prize.  

Ochoa said, “The artwork will be displayed in the library throughout the month, and there will be a period of time where people can vote on the items they are most interested in.” 

According to, voting will span from March 2 through March 20, and winners will be informed by March 26. 

Ochoa said that this program is part of the library’s effort to expand into the community, dubbed the Community and Focus Initiative.  

“One aspect of our Community and Focus Initiative is to look at creating and making in a new way … and this [contest] just really fit in,” Ochoa said. 

Oliu also said the contest was an important community project. 

She said, “With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day coming up in April, Disappearing Acts is the library’s way of calling attention to endangered or threatened species and natural areas.”

To any students who are uncertain about entering the contest, Ochoa said she recommends looking at projects that have already been submitted. 

Ochoa said, “You don’t have to be an art major in order to make something. I think it really is an opportunity for you to show your creativity.”

Ochoa also said she and the library staff would be happy to answer any questions or provide a place for students to brainstorm. 

For more information, contact Marilyn Ochoa at, or visit the library to ask the staff additional questions.


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