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Student Life Office Offers Leadership Development Workshop

By Harsh Godhani
Staff Writer

The Student Life Office is offering five opportunities, for students who are involved in clubs and organizations, to attend a mandatory meeting for Leadership Development Workshop for Student Clubs and Organizations, from Monday, Feb. 5 through Friday, Feb. 9  in College Center, Room 334 between noon and 1 p.m.

Ode Hoppie, Assistant Director of Student Activities, said, “The leadership development workshop we have for clubs, that’s the Student Life Office’s way to keep the clubs informed of things they need to know, things that might not have come up, things that they might not be aware of as a club.”

Hoppie said, “It’s also our opportunity to network with each other, because not too often do clubs get a chance to really meet with officers or members of other clubs.”

“It is our way of giving [students] an opportunity to learn how to be better leaders,” Hoppie said.

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