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Student Life Hosts Activities Fair

By Zoe Florius
Copy Editor

 Student Life will be hosting the Student Activities Fair in the College Center cafeterias on Tuesday, Jan. 19 starting at 2 p.m. to encourage students to join activities. 

Ode Hoppie, Director of Student Life, said the Fair will be the perfect opportunity for students to see the active clubs on campus, as well as finding out about additional resources available to them at MCC. 

“The fair is geared toward everyone,” said Hoppie. “Getting involved can help to create a balance between curricular and extracurricular activities,” he said. 

Hoppie said clubs give students the opportunity to have more hands-on experience within their specific major. 

“For new clubs, it’s a great opportunity to put themselves out to the MCC community. A new club might not realize how crowded the event gets,” Hoppie said. 

“Students looking to start a new club would be surprised just how many students, faculty and staff are interested in the subject they want to start a club about,” said Hoppie. 

Professor Winchester, an English professor at MCC, is the advisor for Healthy Active Minds. “Students would come to me not only for academic help, but to reach out and discuss things with me,” she said. 

“Healthy Active Minds is not a therapy session,” said Winchester. 

“Our ultimate goal is to provide education for mental health not only for students, faculty and staff, but within the local community as well,” said Winchester. 

Kayla Cuji, a sophomore and member of Healthy Active Minds, said, “It’s a place where you can go to be calm, relax and have time to speak openly,” said Cuji. 

For students to begin a club, they must have a member of faculty or staff as an advisor, a minimum of seven members participating and develop a constitution (see Student Life office for a sample constitution). 

The deadline for club registration for the spring semester is Feb. 8. 

For more information, contact Student Life at 732-906-2569, or visit them at 

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