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Step Team Encourages Students To Join

By Madison Bara, Section Editor

Blue Salute, MCC’s step team, invites students to attend their team tryouts in the Physical Education Center,  room A160 on Feb. 6 at 2 p.m. to join the team. 

Kierra Nelson, co-captain of Blue Salute, said she encourages students to join the club because it provides them with a fun experience and allows them to learn how to do step. 

“We have different levels ranging from easy to hard and we are willing to teach anybody,” said Nelson. 

Nelson said the team performs at different events throughout the semester, including basketball games and demonstrations at high schools. 

“We perform at any events going on inside the school and outside the school, including community events,” said Nelson  

For more information visit the club’s Instagram @mccbluesalute and send them a direct message. 


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