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Stan Lee Dies at Age 95

By Matthew Thornton
Staff Writer

Stanley Martin Lieber, also known as Stan Lee, who is the creator of the most iconic superheroes in the Marvel universe, passed away on Nov. 12.

According to TMZ, he was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles early that morning. Reports say that Lee had been battling numerous illnesses over the past year and was starting to lose his vision, as well.

Lee was truly an inspiration to many people. Rappers, entertainers and people he worked with, such as Snoop Dog, The Rock and others, showed him love and support for all he did for the comic and movie industry.

Before Lee had stepped up to the scene, D.C. Universe dominated the comic book industry.

Lee and his partner Jack Kirby worked together on multiple projects. They created Spiderman, Captain America, The Fantastic four, Iron Man and so many more popular superheroes. Lee changed the reputation of Marvel; if it was not for him, who knows if Marvel would even be around today.

Lee made funny cameo appearances in just about every Marvel movie to ever hit the big screen. His cameo debut was in 1989 in a movie titled, “The Trial of the Incredible Hulk.” His latest appearance on the big screen was in the highly anticipated “Marvel Avengers: Infinity War.”

Lee was a very talented and special individual who gave it everything he had until the end and will be greatly missed.

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