High School Sports Teach Life Lessons

A tennis racquet and tennis balls

While in high school, and even before that, I saw school as a stepping stone to help you better your future. In many ways, school helps you develop the academic and social skills that you need to succeed both in and out of the classroom, but there are only so many things you can be taught in a classroom. However, learning new skills and continuing to grow also happens when you sign up for extracurricular activities, such as sports. 


When I was in high school, I was on the tennis team, and one of the main benefits I got from being on that team was having a strong sense of comradery. On that team, I created some of the best friendships I ever had, with people who I am still in touch with today. I knew that no matter what, those girls always had my back and my best interest in mind, and I had the same level of respect for them. Although we were competitive with one another, at the end of the day, we were friends above anything else. 


When it comes to sports in general, you learn some of the greatest traits a person can have from training on and off the field and playing games. You develop this sense of discipline and resiliency that stays with you, even after you stop playing the sport. You also develop this competitiveness, and whether you win or lose, you learn to only focus on the good aspects and  keep improving on them. You also learn how to self-reflect as you judge your weaknesses and strengths so you can see what you need to improve on to become a better player. 


Being on a sports team also helps you find a group of people who have the same passion for the sport as you. In school, there is such a diverse group of people since everyone has different interests; by being on a team, you are able to find a group of people who have the same interest as you.


You also learn to never give up and keep working hard when you're playing a sport. Almost everyone who has played a sport knows that winning does not come easy. Players know that they have to practice and continue to work hard, so they can continue to improve and do better. These skills follow you into other aspects of your life and help transform you into a well rounded individual, both on and off the field. 


Along with this, playing a sport in high school made me push myself to do better in school. Not only was I doing better in the classroom, but I also had more of a desire to get involved in other activities.


Overall, while school has taught me many great lessons that I will continue to use for the rest of my life, playing a sport taught me so much more about teamwork, resilience and determination.


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