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SGA Holds Elections

By Harsh Godhani
Managing Editor

The Student Life office will organize a special election for Student Government Association to find successors for the spring semester to President Saja Meqdad and Vice President Naomi Popo who graduated in fall 2018. 

Students interested in running for president or vice president can turn in their forms from Jan. 22 to Feb. 1. 

After that, students who are running for elections will campaign from Feb. 1 until Feb. 12. 

Director of Student Life, Ode Hoppie, said, “Students who are interested in running must first complete the required forms to the Student Life office and must be a registered student who is on good standing and have a 2.5 GPA.” 

The special elections will be for president and vice president positions only, as Treasurer Jonathan Montano and Secretary Bonnie Frazilus will remain at their current positions for the spring 2019 semester. 

Hoppie said, “People who are interested in campaigning and running for the positions are going into it knowing that they will only be serving one semester with the [opportunity] to run again [at the end of the] semester for the fall 2019 – spring 2020 elections.” 

The official SGA elections will be held in the month of April to determine the SGA staff of the following academic year. 

“Some people have spoken to me about their interest in running for positions, but no one’s officially submitted any documents yet. 

“Once you submit your application, I will email students all the rules and have [an in person] meeting with each candidate to go over campaign rules and election rules so [on the first day] of the campaign, you can prepare your material and put your fliers up. 

“We are currently planning to have representatives during the Election Day to be present at the [New Brunswick and Perth Amboy] centers, so the students there can also vote, since many of them don’t even have class [on Edison Campus],” said Hoppie.

The main responsibilities of student government is to be the voice of students and advocate for their needs on campus. 

Hoppie said he expects the new candidates to continue building the foundation on working in the shared governance of The College, particularly with The College assembly task force. From time to time, they will have to present students concerns to Board of Trustees and the other college executive council. 

SGA presidents have in the past also given speeches at convocation and graduation ceremonies. 

The candidates who are elected for president and vice president will also be required to sit on the task force of The College assembly their predecessors were assigned too. 

Hoppie said another part of SGA is to work with clubs and departments to sponsor campus and community events for students. 

“One thing I definitely want Student Government to work on this semester is to branch out when it comes to making their presence known at the Centers,” Hoppie said. 

Students with questions regarding the upcoming elections can call Student Life at 732-906-2569 or email Ode Hoppie at 

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