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Selena Gomez Makes a Comeback with New Album

By Sebastian Casado, Copy Editor

It’s been five years since Selena Gomez had a full album. 

You may have heard her in one or two singles, maybe she was featured on someone else’s song, but not a full album from her since 2015. 

I thought we weren’t going to be seeing more of Gomez, but I was proven wrong. 

She brings on the heat in her latest album, “Rare.” 

This album features 13 songs, and the first song’s title matches that of the album itself, “Rare.” 

The length of this song is three minutes and 40 seconds, and has a very laid-back aesthetic. 

You can see yourself laying down on a hammock on a warm spring day with an ice-cold lemonade listening to this song. 

The album begins on a high-note to show us, the listeners, that this album is a different take on Gomez.

The second song, “Dance Again,” is my personal favorite. 

It has a length of two minutes and 45 seconds and is a total shift from the laid-back, chill tone from the first song. 

It seems to take a darker, modern tone, one where you would only nod your head up and down instead of dance to, which is weird to say considering the title of the song. 

The album continues with the song, “Look at Her Now,” which has a runtime of two minutes and 43 seconds and continues with a modern tone integrating techno. 

This song is one that will make listeners nod their heads rhythmically. 

You won’t find yourself dancing to it, but instead, you will find yourself doing something productive while you listen: exercising, working on some schoolwork, or simply walking to school.

“Lose You to Love Me” is the first slow song of the album with a runtime of three minutes and 27 seconds, and it makes you want to stop and hear what the lyrics are trying to tell you. 

This song makes you think about all the relationship heartbreaks that happen in the world. 

Gomez’s message in this song is to find yourself and love yourself before you can love someone else. 

“Ring” brings the laid-back, chill tone from the first song. 

The melody is another which will cause rhythmic head nodding. 

This song is also a sing-along. 

I have found myself singing along to this song because of the catchy melody.

The next song is called “Vulnerable,” with a length of three minutes and 12 seconds and a relaxing tone. 

When you close your eyes and listen to this song, you can visualize yourself on a cloud in the quiet sky just floating around until the song ends. 

Once the song ends, you are introduced to the next song called “People You Know.” 

Suddenly, you find a significant change in pace from the previous song. 

This song is a little faster paced, and you can visualize yourself in a dramatic situation where you meet people and get to see how they act inside and out. 

“Let Me Get Me” completely changes the pace again. 

The song is way faster than the previous one and you can find yourself resisting to dance when you are in a public place. 

This song has a runtime of three minutes and eight seconds, and each second of this song makes you move quicker and do tasks much faster. 

I am definitely guilty of giving into the beat, and I can guarantee that you will too. 

“Crowded Room” is the first song to have someone else featured: 6LACK. 

He may have a minor part in this song, but when he sings, it really makes you want more from him. 

This song is one you will be singing along with in the car because the beat and melody make it impossible for listeners not to engage in the song’s captivating tune.

“Kinda Crazy” is another sing-along song which makes you move with the beat and melody. 

This song is super catchy, which makes you want to walk or run in time with the beat. 

The song, “Fun,” which is the 11th song in the album, is what the title implies: a fun, upbeat song which will make you sing along, and it will not leave your head anytime soon. 

When you listen to this song, you can feel the 85-degree weather with a cold beverage in your hand, sunglasses and your bathing suit ready for a long, fun day at the beach. 

“Cut You Off” is the complete opposite of “Fun.” 

This song gives you a winter weather vibe of just chilling by a fire, drinking or eating a hot item. 

The melody is one that will keep your head nodding up and down for a while, and don’t expect yourself to get this song out of your head anytime soon. 

“A Sweeter Place” is the final song of the album and it concludes with a bang. 

This      is the second song with someone else featured, Kid Cudi, who comes into the song, and unfortunately, leaves too soon. 

His small verse makes you nod and sing along all the time. 

This song encompasses a piece of every song into this one, and you feel satisfied when the song ends. 

Overall, this album is a breath of fresh air. 

It made me love Gomez again, and it gives me hope that I will hear her voice more after this album. 

I definitely recommend that people listen to this album on any platform they are able to listen to music; they will not be disappointed.


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