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Quarantine Workouts Increase Athleticism

By Sebastian Casado, Copy Editor

        Since the quarantine has forbidden me to go anywhere to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), I have lost my sleep schedule, I have lost physical interaction with my friends and have been playing a lot of video games. However, not all is bad because there is one thing that has become consistent for me, which is working out. While the gyms remained closed, I learned that my body is a weight.

         This entire time I have been in quarantine, I have been using my body weight as a way to train and get a lot of exercise done. My pushup and pullup count has increased drastically, and it increased in a small timespan because I have conditioned myself to work out everyday. 

         Before the outbreak, I attended the gym to work on my upper body and increase my strength. I used to have trouble doing at least 10 pushups. With time, I have pushed myself to increase my count. Every month, I would add on five more to challenge myself, and the most important part is not to give up. Before, there were times I had to neglect my exercise schedule because of class, and sometimes, driving to the gym around 7 p.m. was pretty annoying around due to the traffic. Since we are required to stay home, I don’t have these obstacles to make me lazy in completing my workouts at the gym. 

         As months passed, I found I was able to push myself and achieve higher consecutive exercises, and for that, I can thank these home workouts 

        Other advantages are not waiting to do an exercise because of others using the machine. Before, having to wait was awful because it would just ruin my concentration or flow, which was pretty annoying. Now, since there is no one around, I don’t have any distractions from stopping me from working out. I know that when I return to the gym, I know I will be able to take on any gym machine better than I used to.

         As the state continues to re-open, most people will be relieved and excited to be out of the house. Most people will also be complaining about their time at home all this time, but I will be bragging about my athletic process.

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