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PTK Convenes Elections Online

By Gabrielle Ignotis, Editor-in-Chief

The Middlesex County College
chapter of Phi Theta Kappa is beginning to make plans for the fall
semester amid coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.
The College’s Phi Theta Kappa faculty advisor, Charlotte Quigley, said
that the sudden switch to remote
learning during the spring semester
led to some unique challenges.
“To be honest, we ended the spring
semester without having held elections, and I was unable to gather the
prior officers for a planning meeting
in June. This has been a tough time
on everyone for sure and nothing
worked as it had before,” Quigley
Quigley said that officers are responsible for planning events, programs, and creating work groups to
help reach these goals, so Phi Theta
Kappa is planning to elect new officers as soon as possible.
According to an announcement
published on the Phi Theta Kappa
Canvas page on Aug. 27, Phi Theta
Kappa members who are not running for a membership position can
nominate themselves to be a part of
the election panel.
This election panel will consist of
four Phi Theta Kappa members who
will conduct group interviews for
each position, evaluate each candidate and cast votes for each position,
according to the announcement.
Phi Theta Kappa presidential candidate, Giselle Vidals, said that although this election will be unusual,
she is excited for what is ahead.
“This fall semester can seem a
bit daunting to everyone, including
me, because we have never been in
a similar situation before, especially
one of such calamity. Everything has
changed so suddenly, and it can be
difficult as students and as people to
focus on your own education when
so much is happening. Our students
are doing their best and I know we
can figure it out together,” Vidals
Vidals also said that she believes
Phi Theta Kappa should focus on
supporting members and students
this semester.
“Being distance-learning based,
the opportunities are limited, but
it’s important to advocate for our
students, struggling and not, and to
continue to help them thrive and
succeed in their education,” Vidals

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