Prof. Mirian Curry, Associate Chairperson for Business and Computer Science Department

Prof. Mirian Curry, Associate Chairperson for Business and Computer Science Department

It was my first online course at Middlesex College, and I was very nervous. I had never taken any course online before this one. As an English major, I had to complete CSC105-Computer and Application Systems. After some research, I enrolled in Ms. Curry’s CSC105. I could say that it was a very enlightening and amazing experience. 

Not only was I able to learn so many tools of the Windows Operating System, but computer literacy too, such as knowing about online scams and computer viruses. From hardware to software, it was a good start even for those who want to explore more in the Information Technology field. 

I am fortunate to have Ms. Curry as my Professor, and I could sit with her for a short interview for Quo Vadis.

Ms. Mirian Curry is the Associate Chairperson for the Business and Computer Science Department, and she has been associated with Middlesex College since the year 2002. 

She started as a student worker, and then she became a staff member while continuing her studies. She got an Associate in Applied Science in Office Administration and Business Administration. She went to Rutgers University and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Furthermore, she earned an MBA with a specialization in Information Technology from Capella University. 

After attaining her MBA in May 2014, she started teaching CSC105 as an adjunct professor in the Business and Computer Science Department. She has worked as lab Coordinator for the Business and Computer Science Department since 2006, and she has seen how Information Technology (computers and telecommunications) has shaped the way we do things today. 

While working as a Lab Coordinator, her primary responsibility included working with faculty, the chairperson, and IT Department to ensure that labs were operational and upgraded with the latest technology. Also, she provided teaching resources to the instructors as requested. Additionally, she dealt with students and helped them in solving their problems related to the lab coursework. She also assisted students in finding their right major courses as well as directing them to seek counseling. 

Her main departmental achievement has been the successful coordination of the development of an Associate in Applied Science Program in Cybersecurity under the guidance of Dr. Cakmak, Chairperson. She said, “The Cybersecurity Program provides students with the knowledge and skills sought by companies and institutions to develop and implement security measures to protect computer networks and mitigate the risks associated with cyber-attacks.

The Cybersecurity A.A.S. degree program prepares students for entry-level careers in positions such as Cybersecurity Specialist, Cyber Crime Analyst, Incident Analyst, Junior Penetration Tester, IT Technician, Information Systems Security Analyst, and Network Security Analyst. We are very excited about this new program.”

 Moreover, Ms. Curry is a mother of two beautiful children, a girl, and a boy, therefore, she is primarily busy with them after fulfilling her responsibilities at Middlesex College. She loves playing family games with her kids, and she works hard to balance her life between work and family. She feels it is very challenging but prioritizing things makes it easier for her to find a work-life balance. 

Lastly, her primary focus as a faculty member/administrator is to help students succeed at Middlesex College by completing their programs and moving on to their next journey in life.

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