The New Brunswick Center Club created new opportunities to interact with students virtually this spring semester as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Michael Scalice, an evening coordinator at the New Brunswick Center, said, “As with the rest of MC, our programming has shifted to virtual meetings and activities. However, this has allowed us to look at new opportunities to host fun and creative events that we might not otherwise be able to do when students are at the Center and not home.”

“We also had the flexibility of holding our events at any time of day, since students are taking classes online and working from home,” Scalice said. “There seems to be the ability to shift their schedule around to participate in activities while still successfully completing their assignments for school and work.”

Scalice said one of the club’s biggest challenges is spreading awareness of the club virtually as online postings and email alerts do not allow them to create personal connections.

Scalice said, “For instance, at the beginning of each semester, our club members would be at a table as you entered the building, and we would be offering complimentary snacks or hot chocolate. We're losing that personal touch to meet everyone and inform them of the club.”

Scalice said,“It will be wonderful to be able to see the students and club members again in person. We will finally be able to meet as a group without the use of computers or phones. From there, we will be able to discuss activities the club can host that our students would enjoy on-site, after living virtually for so long.”

Shanell Olivares, a MC student, said, “I think the New Brunswick Center Club is doing an excellent job by organizing programs and social activities for the students. Most of the students are going to be bored because of this pandemic; this can provide opportunities to keep them engaged or busy.”

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