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Middlesex College’s Saving the Earth from A to Z (ASEZ) club is holding weekly meetings via Zoom on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the morning and evening, as well as organizing volunteer events to encourage students to speak up about change and make a difference.

According to the MC Student Life website, the club is a group of university student volunteers who act to solve practical problems around the world.

 Nicole Arce, co-president of the club, said ASEZ is an international organization, currently active in 175 countries around the world and was founded because of the World Mission Society Church of God religious movement.

Co-presidents, and sisters, Nicole and Christine Arce said that they hold multiple meetings during the week so that members can sign up for the one that best fits their schedule.  

Christine Arce said ASEZ will also be organizing volunteer opportunities starting next month, which will continue throughout the summer. 

Nicole Arce, majoring in homeland and security said, “ASEZ positively impacts the world and supports human welfare by volunteer efforts under the acronym S.A.V.E., which stands for social service, awareness raising, victim relief and environmental protection.”

Christine Arce, majoring in business administration and education said, “We are planning on doing a clean-up in the beginning of May to clean up Roosevelt Park. Some other volunteer events the club is organizing are in June, where we’ll be painting over graffiti, as well as another park clean-up in July.” 

Nicole Arce said that venues and locations are subject to change, but ASEZ is  hoping to organize these volunteer events.

MC student and computer science major Olivia Tack said, “I think it’s great that there’s a student club taking initiative to do our part in helping the environment and our community. I definitely want to find out more information when it’s available.” 

For more information contact Nicole Arce at nicolera0538@my.middlesexcc.edu


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