Should Immigrants Vote in Elections in America?

The definition of vote

Immigration is the international movement of people to a destination country, of which they are not natives or where they do not possess citizenship, to settle as permanent residents or naturalized citizens. Every year, immigrants come to America for better education, job and life opportunities. 

Immigrants play a key role in developed countries because some of them work labor jobs in logistics and warehouses. Their labor gradually helps increase the production of goods and services, which helps grow the overall sum of all goods and services produced within a nation’s borders during a specific time, or the gross domestic product (GDP). If the GDP increases, then the country's economy increases. 

Immigrants of America have freedom of speech, the right to choose a religion, the right to have an education, the right to due process, and the right against unreasonable search and seizure. However, they do not have the right to vote in any federal, state or local election. 

If immigrants are working to produce and ship goods, which are vital to our economy, then why can’t they vote?Why is it not legal for any immigrant to vote in a country where people from all around the world are welcome? 

Immigrants should have the right to vote in this country as they are a part of it. Immigrants work and live like citizens in this country, so they should have a say in local, state or federal elections. They should be given a chance to vote for the delegate and/or political party they choose. 

One in seven U.S. residents is foreign born, according to the 2018 American Community Survey (ACS). They are teachers, housekeepers, construction workers, laborers, nurses, doctors, drivers and more. They work in almost every field and pay the same taxes as a citizen pays, so why can’t they have the right to vote? 

Some may argue, if immigrants become citizens, then they would have the right to vote. While this is true, becoming a U.S. citizen can take years, which is why some immigrants do not want to go through the process. There are many lengthy steps before becoming a citizen of this country that some immigrants may find difficult. Filing the application, the wait time, learning English, as well as American history, takes a substantial amount of time. Also, even if they do all of these steps, they aren’t guaranteed citizenship. 

Whether an immigrant wants to vote Democrat, Republican or remain independent, they should have the right to do so because they are a part of this country.

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