"Merve Study Corner" on a laptop

One skill I never learned how to do is effectively study. I know you should go over the materials you learned, but I never knew if there was a specific method or best practice. What should generally take an hour to do could take me hours because I become distracted. A helpful tool I have discovered during this pandemic was the "Study with Me" videos on YouTube. With these videos, I have completed a significant amount of work in a decent amount of time.

My absolute favorite "Study with Me" YouTube channel is “Merve Study Corner”. With over 34,000 YouTube subscribers and 1,000 Instagram followers, Merve is helping students across the globe study. Merve is currently a International Relations Master of Research student at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. She often films herself in either her home or the library on campus. As you watch her videos while you are studying, you get the sounds of birds chirping, a car driving past her open window or the rustling sounds of paper from fellow students in the library. There are also a few videos of Merve studying with soothing sounds of rain in the background. Merve's videos can last up to three hours or be as short as one hour.

"Study with Me" videos started around 2007 with a multitude of subjects. It didn't begin to focus solely on studying until about seven years later. These videos are an excellent way to have a study buddy during the pandemic without coming into physical contact with another person. It also taught me that I cannot listen to music while I’m studying, although I love to listen to music while I read. I spend more time wondering what song is playing than getting any actual work done.

The great part of Merve's videos is the fantastic scenic views you get of the campus or her neighborhood. She has a handful of videos of her studying in the school's library and you get to watch the sunrise in Glasgow with her. As she comes into the frame, you don't see her face but you do get to see her arranging her belongings, which gives you an idea of what kind of setup you can try. I put YouTube on the television and have Merve's videos play while I make a nice dent in my schoolwork. I found the best setup for me is on the couch in front of the television. I know it sounds counter-productive, but for me, it works.

She has a timer at the bottom of the screen so you can keep track of how long you've been working. Some of her videos have breaks incorporated into them, but most do not. Her videos with intervals follow a 50/10 rule, which means you study for 50 minutes and take a break for 10 minutes. I enjoy and appreciate her videos with breaks because those 50 minutes can feel like a long time, and it doesn't give you time to multitask. However, you can multitask during the 10-minute break.

After attending the Perth Amboy Center's "The Power of Mindset and Goal Setting!" seminar, I realized that I have all the tools I need to succeed but lack focus. With "Merve Study Corner”, I was able to create a timeline to plan out my schoolwork for the day with a definite end-point so that I don't feel overwhelmed. With this YouTube channel, I accomplished more than I set out to, and I will continue to use this channel to keep my study structure intact.

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