Once you make it to the second year of community college, you have the chance to transfer to a four-year school. This is something most students do, including myself. However, when you transfer to a college, the first year attending there tends to be a little more complicated.

I unfortunately had this experience as I transferred from one community college to another, which sounds like it would be very simple since it is only a community college, but that was not the case. When I transferred from Westchester Community College, I had the mindset that everything would be really easy, but once I registered to Middlesex County College, problems arose fairly quickly. 

Since my previous college was located in New York, there were certain rules for classes in New Jersey which affected if they would count toward my college degree.  For example, in New York there are courses known as State University of New York (SUNY) classes, which count for college credit in high school. In New Jersey, SUNY courses don’t exist, so those classes have to be evaluated to make sure they count. This process takes forever to complete. Also, if you live in New York for a significant amount of time you get an advantage in tuition. 

Since I have not lived in New Jersey for a good amount of time, I also did not receive much financial aid, which meant  I had to pay some of the cost of my tuition. However, in New York a lot of my tuition was taken care of. 

Another challenge I experienced was having to learn a whole new system by myself. Thus, I had to make sure my schedule was correct, but unfortunately I had a situation which almost made me repeat a course I already completed at my previous college.  The academic advisor that helped me plan my schedule had not realized that I already took a course he was making me sign up for, so I had to pay for it, which really frustrated me. After much debating with other, more qualified counselors, I was able to get the credit I earned from the previous  courses I completed. 

In conclusion, if you are going to transfer, do not be too confident like I was; make sure that everything is in order, and that you are going in the right direction. 

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