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So as we all know the world is in an unusual place. 2020 has been the year of the unexpected. The main catastrophe that’s hit the world in this year has been the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). This is one of those rare moments where every single person in the world has been affected by something. 

Our lives changed dramatically, society changed and hundreds of thousands of people have died. It has been absolutely brutal. Not one of the main things, but sports have been dramatically affected by COVID-19, especially at the professional level. 

This season has been the first season ever where zero fans have been in the stadium all regular season in MLB. Luckily, limited fans will be able to attend the World Series this year hosted in Arlington, Texas, at the Rangers brand new ballpark. In the NBA and NHL, they had to create bubbles to be able to play their playoffs: no fans, limited media, strict enter/exit rules, massive testing, you name it. 

The NHL’s bubble was successful, and the Tampa Bay Lightning were able to be crowned champions of this unusual season. Now, the NBA Finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat are approaching game 4 of their contest with the Lakers leading the battle two games to one. 

In the NFL, depending on where your team is located and what your states decide, many teams have not been fortunate enough to host limited fans at this point. Recently, Week 4 of the regular season has just concluded with only two games postponed. The Patriots-Chiefs game was played this past Monday night after they were supposed to play Sunday, and the Steelers-Titans game is currently rescheduled for Week 7. COVID-19 will have an effect not only on this season, but next season in most of these big leagues. 

For example, the NHL has no idea when next season will start. The NBA’s next season is delayed until December or January, and the MLB will not start next year’s season until April 2021, but overall, it has been mostly successful. 

In these times, anything close to successful should be classified as a success. It’s good to have sports back. It gives us at least a little sense of normalcy, and hopefully in this world of unpredictability, they are here to stay. 

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