“Phantom Limb” is a psychological thriller written by Lucinda Berry and was released on July 10, 2017.

This book is about a girl named Elizabeth who wakes up strapped to a bed. Her last memory is finding her sister in the bathroom dead. Throughout the book, Elizabeth tries to figure out the mystery behind her sister’s death. 

My favorite part about this book is how well it handles mental illness. Due to Berry being an expert in childhood trauma, most of the details about the illnesses portrayed, and how Elizabeth handles it, are accurate. Whenever I read a book that deals so strongly with mental illness, I prefer the information presented about it to be correct. The author also touches upon several seemingly small details that play a huge role as the story progresses. On occasion, an author will introduce a small element into the story and either forget about it or incorporate it at the end of the book. Berry makes sure every detail plays a part in the mystery and is not forgotten.

I also like how dark the book gets almost immediately.   Within the first 50 pages, topics like abuse and self-harm are addressed. This could turn some people away, but I personally enjoyed it. The beginning of the story sets the tone for the remainder of the book and really caught my attention. When it comes to thrillers, in order for me to fully enjoy them, they can’t hold back on dark and twisted subjects. Berry is not afraid to cover some topics other authors would avoid completely.

The twist at the end is shocking but predictable,  if you read carefully. One of the most annoying parts about both thriller and mystery novels is having a plot twist that comes out of nowhere. Most of the fun, when it comes to reading these types of books, is trying to predict the twist. While the plot twist in this book was not easy to see coming, there were many clues that made it quite obvious. It took me until I got through most of the book to realize what direction the author was going in.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who likes horror, or novels that explore the human psyche. Most of the story is spent analyzing someone, who is coming to grips with death and acknowledging that they have a mental illness.   This leads to some intriguing scenes and plot points. It also makes the story relatable because it deals with real issues that anyone could be going through.

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