About a week and a half ago, my mom and I went out to Target to buy groceries and were keeping ourselves protected against coronavirus (COVID-19). I believe Target is handling the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus very well. There are stickers placed for each customer to stay 6 feet away from each other. When we were at Target, we decided to buy a new blender since our blender has gotten old. Who would’ve thought that this blender would have a sad ending?

This blender was produced by Oster, which is known for most kitchen appliances, so with that knowledge, we decided to buy that one. Once we got home, we opened it up and inside the box, there were two sized blender cups: a standard and smaller cup. The first use went well. It got the job done quickly and efficiently. Something I liked that came in with the packaging was a booklet of a few juices you are able to make; it may not be world breaking, but I thought it was cute. Now with all of these pros, you would think that this is a product I recommend, but that is incorrect.

I do not recommend this blender from Oster because upon the second use of this blender, it began to smoke, and it exploded. Luckily, neither my family members or I were injured because my mom was able to unplug it before it could cause any real damage. The smell of the appliance smoking was horrible. I had to open all the windows in my house and spray Febreze around my house. The smell was unbearable, and obviously, I was angry with this purchase. The worst part was after I contacted a Target associate, they informed me that Target was not accepting any exchanges until April 13, so I am unable to get my money back until after that date. 

To clarify, I am not angry at Target because it is not their fault, but I am angry at Oster because they say that their products are America’s best, but this is clearly not the case. After the call, I went to read the reviews of this specific blender on Target’s website and I am not the only person who has experienced this same situation. There are many reviews of angry customers that explain their blender appliance has also smoked and exploded, so it fueled me to write my own review on the website. So, I do not recommend this blender. It is a waste of money and most likely a safety issue.

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