When a friend suggested La Crepe Bakery and French Cafe, located at 1020 NJ-18 in East Brunswick, for a weekend brunch, I expressed some concern. I couldn’t picture my friends, tired college students likely wearing graphic tees or chipped nail polish, in a posh French cafe. We were more likely to be found at the local diner or fast food restaurant than anywhere remotely “fancy.” And that was how we liked it. 

But after a fair amount of badgering from my friend, I agreed to give La Crepe a chance. Which is how we found ourselves standing outside the cafe on a Sunday morning at precisely 9:05 a.m., a mere five minutes after they opened. 

Upon entering, we were confronted by wicker chairs, marble tables, and artful display cases. The decor was beautiful and posh, but I was happy to find it lacked the stuffiness I had originally feared. Despite being modeled after a posh French restaurant, the cafe seemed relaxed, inviting and far from uptight. 

My friend and I decided to order at the counter. The staff member there was helpful, offering menus in addition to the display boards above the counter. She also graciously explained how the menu was organized and offered some recommendations. I ordered a nutella and banana crepe, and a coffee. My friend ordered the egg, spinach and mozzarella crepe, and an apple juice. 

We paid for our meals at the counter before heading to our seats. This was convenient, as it meant we could leave whenever we completed our meal. 

I was also happy to find that the pricing was comparable to a breakfast at a local diner. My entire order cost roughly $12, about $9 for the crepe and $2 for the coffee. My friend’s was slightly more expensive at $11 for the crepe and $2 for the juice. 

La Crepe also offers less expensive options. Their “simple” crepes, such as the apricot jam crepe or the honey crepe, cost anywhere from $6 to $7. The cafe also offers sandwiches later in the day, which cost about $7. 

At the other end of the spectrum, the cafe also offers more expensive options. Some of their savory crepes, such as the smoked salmon, egg and swiss crepe, can cost up to $13. 

Nonetheless, my friend and I were pleasantly surprised by the pricing at the time. We took our seats and began a quiet conversation. 

The wait was average, lasting about twenty minutes. I would not recommend this cafe to anyone in a hurry. However, the atmosphere made the wait seem shorter, so we had no complaints. 

When the food arrived, I was impressed with the presentation. Both dishes looked appetizing and appealing. 

My friend and I began eating. The bananas in my crepe were ripe and clearly good quality, which was appreciated. However, there was a lot of nutella, so much so that I had to scrape some off. 

My friend enjoyed his meal. He liked the spinach in his crepe, claiming that it was surprisingly fresh. However, he wished the staff had added more mozzarella. 

Overall, I would recommend La Crepe French Cafe and Bakery to anyone interested in trying something new. Even if someone does not gravitate towards French cuisine, there are plenty of options available. The amazing atmosphere even allows customers to simply enjoy a cup of coffee there.

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