Since I was little, my mom always took me to places where I would be able to paint ceramics, for hours, to amuse myself. I was not good at the beginning, but as I got older, my patience and ability improved, making the experience more fun and rewarding. 

Nowadays, I enjoy visiting Color Me Mine located in Menlo Park Mall to satisfy my desire to paint ceramics.

Color Me Mine has been a business in Menlo Park Mall since 2016.

No reservations are required, but on weekends, the place tends to be much busier, so making a reservation doesn’t hurt if you want to guarantee having a table to sit down at and paint. 

It costs $8 for children 12 or under to paint, and it’s $10 for adults. 

The prices of the ceramic items are dependent on how large the item is. An average item is probably around $20, but there are items bigger and smaller that people can choose to paint too. 

The number of colors and paints you can use is unlimited and does not add to the cost of the experience.

There is also no time limit or restrictions, as long as the business remains open when you wish to paint. 

The workers at Color Me Mine usually give customers a friendly welcome when they come in, and are willing to help a confused visitor decide what they may want to paint.

Also, their employees are able to give suggestions as to what colors work nicely together, as well as certain painting techniques that the average person can use to take their artwork to the next level. 

I remember that I came in one day totally clueless as to what I wanted to paint, but I knew that I was in the mood to paint something. 

One of the workers confronted me, convinced me to paint a vase and taught me how to use different sponges with varying textures to layer different colors that worked together nicely. 

While the project took me a lot of time, the worker provided me with guidance in a way that taught me the technique so I could use it again in following sessions. 

My vase came out awesome, and I still use it to this day. 

Other techniques that workers may suggest you try involve using bubbles, tape, stencils, stamps, dotting tools and more. 

These techniques and others are also posted on their website to view at customers’ convenience. 

The other thing about Color Me Mine that makes it so enjoyable for customers is the large selection of ceramics that guests can paint: vases, banks, animals, figures, sports logos, mugs, dishes and so much more. The store has over 100 different options, if not more than that.

Around the holidays, there are typically a lot of themed items: Christmas trees and ornaments around Christmas, heart-related objects for Valentine’s Day, eggs and bunnies for Easter and so on. 

Once someone is done painting their masterpiece, the ceramic is left at Color Me Mine for a little more than a week so the employees can put the item in the kiln. The kiln makes the ceramic have a glossy glaze, and if it weren’t for the kiln, practical items would be unusable. 

The kiln makes the paint shiny, ensures permanency of the product and gives your art the ability to get wet so it can be cleaned and used appropriately. 

Once this process is complete, customers can come back and pick up their ceramic works. They will receive a phone call when their work is ready to be picked up. 

At Color Me Mine, there is always something for everyone, which may just be one of the best qualities of the franchise.

The experience can be fun for customers of all ages, and you do not need to be an artist to go have fun, and create something that is unique and special to you.

The projects made at Color Me Mine make great gifts and keepsakes, and the environment is pleasurable for all who wish to make art of their own.

There is also a Color Me Mine located in Freehold Raceway Mall. 

For more information about Color Me Mine in Menlo Park Mall, visit their website at or call the Edison location at 732-881-6110.

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