One of the greatest challenges that I faced after immigrating to the United States was finding the same kind of food I had in Karachi. The taste was not the same in the U.S. Only a few places in New York and New Jersey had dishes that were similar.


Whenever I visited any other state, I always preferred dining out to discover new tastes. Luckily, I was able to dine out in Montreal, Virginia, Dallas and Houston, and I satisfied my taste buds with what they were missing.  


During the pandemic, when everyone was struggling to make ends meet, many individuals started selling food. Facebook and WhatsApp food-delivery groups helped them. First, wives who were trying to help their jobless husbands found a new way of becoming independent. Secondly, working women who struggled making food at home were happy to get home-based food deliveries or sometimes pickup. 


I myself reached out to a few groups and found two to four women who I still buy food from whenever I need it. The best part about it was being able to find the tasty foods that I craved for many years.


Last year, while women were helping small businesses, I noticed there were many Pakistani restaurants that opened, such as Jinsoy Chinese Restaurant, Chai Chenak, Karachi kafe, Lahore Restaurant and many more. 


Typically, in Karachi, we had many Chinese restaurants. Since we can only eat halal, these places served our purpose. Now we enjoy halal-Chinese food in our own town. 


Jinsoy is located at Rutgers University Foundation on George Street in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It provides a diverse variety of Asian fusion dishes. The ambiance is elegant and impeccable, and it dazzles with dim light. Although it is a cozy place, it also has clean and sleek seating. The interior provides a nice dine-in experience. 


The variety of authentic Indo-Chinese dishes is amazing. My favorites are hot and sour chicken soup, Jinsoy chicken Hakka noodles, dragon chicken, chow mein and chili chicken. Their handcrafted mocktails are equally delicious and provide a wide fusion and flavor. such as Mango Blast, Lychee Lagoona, Mint Mojito  and Hong Kong Tropical. I don’t have a sweet tooth, which is why I don’t usually try sweet dishes; instead, I always have fruit.


The staff is very friendly and provides quick service when needed. I have tried both their A la carte and buffet. Since it is in New Brunswick, which is a hub for Rutgers students, it really attracts international students from Muslim countries. 


In short, Jinsoy reminds me of the taste of Chinatown and the Jade Garden, Arizona Grill and Purple Haze restaurants. These are located in Karachi, and whenever I visit Karachi, I try to dine-in at one of those places.

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