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Novel Provides Readers With A Suspenseful Plot

The 2019 thriller “Girl Most Likely”, written by Max Allan Collins and published by Thomas & Mercer, is about a young chief of police named Krista Larson who goes to her high school reunion. In the beginning grudges arise and bodies are found. Thus, Krista enlists the help of her father to find the killer and solve the case.

This thriller has unique pacing as the chaos begins halfway through the book, which allows suspense to build. This enables the reader to learn more about the characters before the investigation begins. Needless to say, this helps establish the town dynamics as they play a huge part in the story. The story takes place in a small town, in which everyone has secrets.  Thus, the relationships between the characters enable doubt to be cast on almost anyone.

Another aspect that makes this a great thriller is the twists. For example, there are plenty of red herrings to confuse readers, so they don’t predict who the killer is. Unlike most pieces of media that follow this trend, the trail to the killer isn’t made up at the end; instead, it is gradually revealed. With most of the characters all being from the same high school class, it is very easy for readers to imagine the environment being presented. Coming from a town similar to the one presented, I was able to immerse myself in the plot easily.

One downside to the book is, it doesn’t pick up until roughly halfway through it and at times feels drawn out.   While everything matters in the end, at the time the reader is left confused and wondering why a conversation is being dragged out.  However, once the action picks up, it becomes intense and much easier to read.

Another small downside is how clear it is that the author is setting up some elements for the future. With this being the first book in the series, Collins sets some things up that are sure to be addressed when the second book comes out this year.  Because the book starts off slow, it makes readers want the action to either start or pick up again. While I would have enjoyed the book to be non-stop, I understand the need to do world-building for future installments

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