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No Need To Panic About COVID-19

Luke Lombardi

The pandemic known as the coronavirus (COVID-19) has a lot of people panicking. I had conversations with people while I was working at a gas station about their concerns with gas shortages. People are also concerned that certain stores have run out of toilet paper and basic needs for people. I am not one of the people panicking about this virus.

As long as a person is able to stay safe and be reasonable, they shouldn’t be in trouble. As of March 15, the Center of Disease Control (CDC) recommended that there be no public gatherings over 50 people for the next eight weeks. With measures like this and school being canceled, the government and people in power are trying to contain the spread as best they can. The role of the common person is to just stay home and make sure they aren’t putting anyone else in danger.

The part of COVID-19 I am most concerned about is getting others sick. It has been speculated by medical professionals that only the people really at risk of dying are older people, babies and people with weakened immune systems. In my household alone, my dad has no spleen which means his immune system is not very strong. If he were to get the virus, he would be at high risk of a more serious outcome. Both of my grandmothers have a history of health problems which puts them at risk as well.

If I knew I was the one to give them the virus that could kill them, I would feel very guilty. I am anxious enough as is and I don’t need the thought of me possibly killing someone on my mind. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, I am following government recommendations. I am not going outside as long as I can avoid it, washing my hands frequently, using hand sanitizer all the time and avoiding touching my face. 

Most college students will be fine as long as they don’t go out of their way to go to public events. With tests becoming more readily available, if you think you are sick, get tested. There is no reason to be sitting at home or going to work with even an inkling of doubt that you might have the virus. With how contagious and harmful it is, everyone should be taking as many precautions as possible.

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