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Nivea Helps With Dry Skin

Sebastian Casado


Everyone who knows me is aware that I never leave the house without moisturizer. It is something that I’ve felt is always necessary to use to take care of your skin well. My favorite hand lotion is the 48  hour Nivea body lotion with deep nourishing serum and shea butter.

I use this product every day. It keeps my hands smooth and smells amazing. The moisturizer keeps your skin fresh and hydrated for 48 hours, although, I  feel like that is a bit of an exaggeration. The hand lotion does not feel sticky or slimy, which is not a  popular trait in most hand lotions. Once you spread the lotion around your hands and arms, it makes you feel so relaxed and refreshed, similar to as if you just stepped out of the shower. The texture of this hand lotion is smooth and does not feel like it is going to slip off of your hand. 

Nivea is a company I  trust. I’ve always used Nivea body lotions since I was a kid, and I only hear good things about it. Trust me when I say that I am the person you can come to when someone needs lotion because I always leave the house with a small bottle in my bag.  This particular hand lotion has a rich cocoa smell that you will love, if you are like me.

I am also someone who constantly washes their hands, and now since we need to keep ourselves safe and sanitized during this pandemic, I find myself washing my hands even more. This causes my hands to end up becoming dry and damaged. The Nivea lotion helps bring that level of hydration and smoothness back to my skin easily. I bought two of these hand lotions at a Walmart located in Edison for $7.99, which is a  good price for two-hand lotions. 

Once I brought it home, my mom instantly fell in love with the scent. I guarantee that anyone who buys this product will not be disappointed by the smell, the way it leaves your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom and for how long your skin will stay hydrated and look young. I  recommend this lotion to anyone suffering from dry or damaged hands, as it will keep you smelling fantastic and your hands and body smooth as silk.

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