Professor Robert Terelle

Department of ESL, languages and culture

26th year at Middlesex College

“Although I believe the need for remote learning has been overhyped, especially for the spring 2021 semester at Middlesex, there are a number of standards that are advantageous to keeping the pandemic from spreading that I would recommend. First, vaccinate the professors to protect them and their students. Secondly, designate a seating arrangement that allows for as much social distancing as possible in the classrooms. Third, everyone wears a mask. Fourth, custodial clean-up after classes. Lastly, dismiss the students in class in a pre-arranged order so as to maintain social distancing and discourage congregating. The cafeteria and college center also need to be included in the discussion.”


Professor Michael Paquette

Department of history and social sciences

20th year at Middlesex College

“In order for me to go back to campus to teach face to face, [it] would be dependent on what safety rules are in effect.  At a minimum, I would want to be vaccinated and would hope all students are also.  Smaller class sizes would need to be implemented in addition to new rules to sanitize classrooms after each class.”


Professor James Finne

Department of engineering

21st year at Middlesex College

“I look forward to returning to campus, but this will require that we are ‘back to new normal’.  This is not a campus issue; this is a population issue of defeating this pandemic. When we return, however, I trust that many of the new hybrid and online tools that we learned during this period will continue to be used to enhance the learning for our students, and a hybrid model will be part of the new normal.”


Professor Keith Pakela 

Department of history and social sciences

Second year at Middlesex College

” I feel I am in the minority on this, but I would not have any stipulations about returning to the classroom aside from signing a waiver that states you know the risks.  After following the science and keeping up with as many of the press conferences of the WHO and CDC and Dr. Fauci’s statements as I could, I feel mask or no mask, vax or no vax is a personal choice. As someone who is immunocompromised myself, I also have to understand that we are all adults and some people use the classroom as an escape from other aspects of their lives.  I thoroughly enjoy discussing history but would never want to put anyone in danger if they do not yet feel safe in the classroom; on the flip side, I also do not want to take an outlet or safe haven away from any of my students. I will follow whatever protocols the school puts in place with none of my own bias in mind.”


Professor Wendy Decker

English department

Second year at Middlesex College

“I know students miss on-campus classes tremendously; however, I feel times are still too uncertain to comment on what standards need to be met for teaching in person again. For now, I am working diligently to accommodate my students as best I can while teaching remotely and online until further notice.”


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