Virtual Advising Center

The Academic Advising department established the Virtual Advising Center Hub on the Middlesex College website to help students’ achieve their academic goals during the pandemic. 


John Kruszewski, director of Academic Advising, said several played major roles in creating this center. 


Kruszewski said, “The Center has an outstanding team -- April Johnson, the assistant director;  two full-time advisors, Ria Gaviria and Christopher (C.J.) Mooney; and our transfer adviser, Elizabeth Pajauis.”


He said, “When (the) pandemic started, over time and quickly, the people of the advising team were able to put together this virtual hub which also allowed communication such as Google Voice, Teams, Zoom and workshops. The part-time adviser greatly contributed to the success of the virtual hub by assisting many students.”


Christopher (C.J.) Mooney, a full-time academic adviser, said the Virtual Advising Center Hub got about 1,418 virtual advising appointments. For the 2021 spring semester, they received 13,625 emails from students’, 381 walk-in same-day appointments, 266 general text questions and 807 Zoom advising appointments.  


Kruszewski said that news students are getting a lot of one-on-one attention through the virtual workshops named “Next Steps.”

 “The students have a total of six options to choose from on the virtual advising center to seek help. The first option is asking a general question, which gives students an opportunity to text the center with the general question. The second option provides an opportunity to get a same-day appointment where an adviser could meet a student via Zoom or Teams,” said Kruszewski, “ The third option allows new and current students to schedule an appointment; this option has a different box for new students where they can sign up for a 30 minute session with an adviser.  The fourth option allows the students to email the center directly. The fifth option is temporarily unavailable but is interesting; in this option, a student can request an adviser to customize a schedule for them. The schedule is created in about two to three business days. The last option is to give the opportunity to both new and current students to sign up for different workshops. New students have an opportunity to attend virtual workshops, which review items such as class schedule, choosing books, preparing for remote learning, financial planning and campus.

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