Ssanyu Lukoma

Middlesex College student Ssanyu Lukoma

Middlesex College student, Ssanyu Lukoma, is releasing a children's book on Nov.18.

         Lukoma is a 16-year-old home school student currently taking classes at Middlesex College for college credit. 

 Lukoma said when she is not working on her schoolwork, she's spending time on her nonprofit, Brown Kids Read. She started this nonprofit at the age of 13 to help young people of color like herself to see themselves represented in literature. 

           Lukoma said her work with various authors for Brown Kids Readinspired her to write her own book. The book is called “Suubi’s Sunny Smile,” which can be purchased through Barnes & Noble or ordered online through Lukoma’s webpage

           Lukoma will also be having a book event at Barnes & Noble in Menlo Park Mall on Nov. 20. The event includes a live stream with her mentors and an in-person book signing. The live stream event is from noon to 1 p.m., and the book signing is from 2-4 p.m.   

Lukoma said overall the book is about anti-bullying, self-love and oral hygiene. Lukoma said her book is about a young boy named Suubi, who has a gap in his teeth, which results in him being bullied in school. Lukoma said her inspiration for this book was from her and her brother, Suubis, life. Lukoma said she had always had a gap in her teeth, yet only recently had she grown to appreciate it. 

Lukoma said, “Everyone has something unique that people belittle them for, but being unique makes us special. It is our superpower.”

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