South Brunswick Public Library (SBPL) is hosting a Career Development Program online on Feb. 17 at 3 p.m. to help Middlesex County residents pursue their careers. 

Jill D’Amico, head of information services at SBPL, said this program was created because the library is committed to helping Middlesex County residents meet their career objectives. 

Kevin Ruppel, the SBPL librarian leading the event, said, “It’s a combination of both hard and soft skills that’ll be available for our community to learn. Our resources allow for our community to try their hands at developing their abilities when it comes to programming, Microsoft Office Suite applications [and] video editing. If that isn’t interesting to them, then perhaps learning the fine arts of time management, leadership or interpersonal communication would be more fruitful.” 


Ruppel said, “Through SkillUp Middlesex, individuals will be able to take online courses that provide certifications [for] their interests; it also [shows them] job openings from Indeed, which allow them to see what career opportunities they may have in the field they are currently studying.” 

Franchesca Rodriguez,  a Middlesex College student, said  she would go if she planned on finding a career right after Middlesex College, but she is transferring.

She said this is something she would attend when graduating from a four-year school. 

“It’s true that people have lost their jobs due to a wide number of reasons. With this in mind, this session is there to help job hunters find resources that are available to them for developing their soft and hard skills. These skills are the necessary building blocks [that] will help them find success in this ever-changing job environment, ” said Ruppel. 

Anyone in Middlesex County interested in the program can register using the South Brunswick Public Library website. 

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