The South Brunswick  Historical Society is celebrating Women’s History Month via Zoom on March 23 at 6:30 p.m. by showcasing the influential women of South Brunswick. 


Randy Marsola, principal network librarian, said that there will be about 20 different women to appreciate and learn about. 


“These are women who are trailblazers and difference makers, who are scholars and educators, who are creative with the arts, and those who made the world a better place,” said Marsola.


Marsola said some of the guests are: Carolyn McCollum, the first woman mayor of South Brunswick, Stella Andrassy, who impacted the solar energy field, Genevieve Kumapley, founder and executive director of MyGOAL Autism, Anna Quindlen, a novelist and journalist, and Azra Baig, a nurse who currently raises awareness and helps communities in need.


MC Alumna Megan Martinez said as a woman who grew up in South Brunswick, this would be something she would attend to dive into the roots of women in her hometown. 


“People who attend will get a chance to see numerous photographs and historical women’s biographies through a presentation, to get to know the town's women history,” Marsola said.


Ben Hoffman, a MC student, said he would attend this event to learn more and appreciate what women have done for the town he lives in. 


Marsola said participants will get a zoom link the day of the event. 

People can register for this event at

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