An illustration depicting the Student Government Association Vice President position being open.

Student Government Association (SGA) Vice President, Aishna Oberoi, has resigned from her position, effective immediately. 


Student Life Director Ode Hoppie confirmed the resignation but did not comment on the circumstances of her resignation or how it would affect SGA. 


Oberoi said, “I felt I was juggling quite a few things at one time, and I couldn’t provide the SGA the attention that it needed. The working and management could be a little better, which I felt wasn’t.”


SGA will use the special elections to fill vacancies of treasurer and vice president.


Anvay Patel, SGA president, said the organization hopes to get new candidates to fill both positions in the special elections and not have any more delays with the candidate intention forms.

Patel said as far as the workload goes, SGA members won’t have any additional work with Oberoi’s seat vacant. 


He said, “We had our work distributed since the summer, and all the proposals we were working on are already submitted to our adviser (Hoppie).”

Students who signed up for the Student Life’s Canvas page received a message from Hoppie that the fall 2021 special elections will now be accepting applications for vice president and treasurer. 


According to the message, the deadline for the candidate intention form is Nov. 15. A link to the candidate form is also available.


According to the candidate form, a meeting will be on Nov. 19 via Zoom for the candidates. A meet and greet with the candidates will be held on Nov. 30 at 2 p.m. via Zoom. The elections will be held on Dec. 1 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. via Student Life Canvas Group. 


Some students said they are excited about the opportunity to run for the vacant positions. 


Connor Cheung, a photography major from East Brunswick, said he is excited to run for vice president. 


Cheung said, “This is my first time running, and I hope my ideas bring students to engage more to help our college feel more like a community and improvements that can help our students succeed.


“Some ideas I’d like to work on are to create a Google forum or some kind of a link for people to submit ideas and problems to the SGA. I also want to help advertise for events in advance because the publicity can help bring more students to events,” he said.


Patrick Gorka, a business administration student, said, “I was interested in running at the start of the semester because I wanted to promote positive change, like expediting COVID-19 transformations within the exercise facilities (physical education center), and promote business start ups within the school.” 


Hoppie said the winners will serve on the SGA until the end of the spring 2022 semester.


Gorka said he was interested in running for treasurer at the start of the semester; however, he is in his last semester at the College and unable to run for elections. 


According to the candidate forums, candidates can not be actively on disciplinary probation, must be enrolled in the fall 2021 and upcoming spring 2022 academic semesters, must have a 2.50 minimum cumulative GPA at the time of nomination. After elections, the elected/appointed candidates must continue to meet candidacy qualifications for the term of office. 


Patel said SGA held two public meetings to inform students about the special elections and the specific rules on being a candidate while also discussing their semester proposals. 


Patel said the proposals they finalized are to allow students to find a place to sit inside buildings during the cold weather, provide free book services in buildings and hold a donation drive for Veterans Day. 


During the October public meeting, Patel said a student suggested opening Lot 8, which is only for staff to be made for the public after 4 p.m. for the evening classes, and potentially add street lights to the crossway to help with visibility at night.


Patel said he would bring this issue to the college administration to see if the College will allow students to park at Lot 8. 


Patel held a special meeting to allow campus club leaders to share input on the cafeteria proposals and where students can eat during the cold weather. A total of five students attended the meeting to share their personal viewpoints on where students can potentially eat on campus with cold weather approaching. 


Some students said they were not happy with the SGA. 


Daisy Huang, an accounting major, said SGA should have an agenda of the meetings published before the meetings so students know what will be discussed and whether they should attend.

Huang said, “Not everyone is going to be able to attend but with a little bit of transparency and public postings, it could dramatically increase the number of students who would like to address their concerns.”


Cheung said minutes of the public meeting should also be available to students, and Student Life should do more to advertise the meetings and possibly send out email reminders of when the meetings will take place. 


John Cardona, a liberal arts general major, said, “I’m thankful for the College’s decision to open the Cafeteria but it is still an inconvenience to walk over there from my class in Raritan Hall. I don’t think the College would agree to my ideas, but I didn’t even get a chance to share them, because I wasn’t invited, because I’m not a leader in any clubs.”


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