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Middlesex College Student Government Association (SGA) held their annual public meeting virtually on Nov. 18 from 5:30-6:30 p.m. to address various student concerns and provide proper student representation. 

Middlesex College student Connor Cheung asked whether events would stream during the meeting, like the dance ensembles, so that individuals who could not attend in person could still participate in campus events. 

SGA advisor Ode Hoppie said he is not sure if the dance ensemble event will be live-streamed. 

Hoppie also said that despite this, next semester, there will be a more significant push from Student Life to have all in-person events still be live-streamed through Colt TV. 

During the meeting, Hoppie said the upcoming spring semester meetings for the SGA will go from monthly to bi-weekly. 

Hoppie said the current meeting schedule for the spring semester is tentative because he first wants to ensure all officers are available to meet these days to meet quorum. 

According to the SGA constitution, a quorum consists of 50%. Plus one, of the active membership is present. 

SGA President Anvay Patel also said that there would be two SGA meetings in December.

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Karoline Abouelsaad

I hope this happens because the student life is very important for the student and he discusses important topics

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