Poster Session Teaches Students

Poster-making supplies and the event flyer

The Middlesex College Library is hosting a "Virtual Creation Suite: Poster Session Workshop” via Zoom on March 1 at 3 p.m.  to teach students a common presentation format in collegiate and professional settings.


Marilyn Ochoa, the library services director, said that this event is  hosted by Joseph Pascale, the learning center coordinator, and Jennifer Heise, one of the College’s reference and instruction librarians. 


“They both have experience presenting their work in the poster session format and have facilitated workshops on designing poster presentations in the past,” Ochoa said. 


Ochoa said that during this session, students will learn how to create their own poster presentations. 


She said this is a valuable skill for students. 


“A well-done poster presentation enables the presenter to use visuals and tests to summarize a research project. This makes it easy for the audience to understand the main ideas in just a few minutes. The workshop will help students learn the best ways to create their own poster presentations so they can be clear, effective and creative,” she said. 


“Additionally, presenting posters in an online format will be discussed, which has been necessitated by the pandemic,” Ochoa said.


Ochoa said she encourages students to attend. 


“If you’ve never created a poster presentation before, this is a great skill to learn that you could make use of throughout college and in your professional life,” she said.


Ochoa also said that there would be an online recording available for students who were unable to attend. 


She said the library organized this event as part of their yearly collection of events dedicated to creating in partnership with the Library Services Creation Suite.


Ochoa said, “We are always looking for ideas that will make an impact on our students. This idea originally came from faculty members who were looking for opportunities for their students to learn more about poster presentations.”


Shane McCormack, a Middlesex College alumnus, said, “It’s definitely something I would have been interested in. It definitely would have helped with how to create a poster board correctly.” 


McCormack also said that this knowledge would have come in handy during his Middlesex College career, since he had to present a poster for his psychology class. 


Megan O’Grady, a Middlesex College student, said, “I personally believe this would be an amazing workshop to have. I believe many students, including myself, would love to have the pleasure of taking part in this.” 


Ochoa said, “Many professors allow their students to choose from a variety of formats when they are giving a presentation, and conferences frequently have poster sessions, so this is a helpful skill to learn that can be used in a variety of situations.” 


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