Alexander Salazar, a student preparing for his last semester at MCC this fall, finds new ways to keep himself and others entertained while being a remote student at home. 

One of the ways Salazar keeps himself busy is by creating content for his followers on his podcast and social media, he said. 

Salazar said, “I first started my podcast last November, and it was a way for me to reach an audience with the current and graduated college students.”

He said he wanted to start a new project, which he could enjoy as a hobby while also incorporating his communication major, leading him to create  a podcast.

Salazar said his podcast is called “The College Life”, which can be found on Spotify and Anchor. 

According to Anchor, there are 27 episodes available for listening with an average episode being roughly 7-8 minutes.

“I [chose] selected to create a podcast, since it would not cost me any money to start it. I used [the] app to start my RSS feed, which was free. I was easily able to move that to Spotify, and I already owned a mic,” said Salazar.

Salazar said, “I have covered various topics which relate to college [including] relationship advice, positivity, interviews, clubs on campus, perspectives, hometown artists and even perspective on COVID-19 [Coronavirus].”

He said he plans to release more content and interviews on those impacted by the pandemic. 

Salazar said he’s a part of various clubs and programs on campus, such as Volunteers in Action (VIA), Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), Martial Arts Club and a member of the Bonner Leader Program. 

He said he has had pseudo-meetings with a few clubs over Zoom and WhatsApp, and he also participated in the weekly Student Life online events.

Salazar said, “I really enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community. I have found various opportunities to do this at MCC, and I am still able to participate as a Bonner leader by attending our weekly meetings and participate in any work given at home.” 

Salazar said some other hobbies he has taken up to occupy time at home include working out, routinely doing homework, reading books and learning how to play guitar. 

Salazar said he’s looking forward to the end of social distancing so he can hang out with his friends and pursue hobbies he hasn’t tried yet. 

He said, “This pandemic made me realize how I should appreciate the life that’s given to me and not take it for granted.”

 “Hopefully this lockdown situation is over at the end of the semester because I don’t want it to ruin my summer or my fall semester,” said Salazar. 

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