“Car wrapping creates brand recognition”

Middlesex College introduced car wrapping as an opportunity for students to make money while advertising their college. 


Acting Director, Marketing & Communications, Joselyn Quezada, said “[Car wrapping] creates brand recognition around the county and greater area while providing employment opportunities for the students.” 


According to Quezada, car wrapping has been in the works for a few years and was originally the Director of Marketing, Thomas Peterson’s, idea. Since then, it took some time to budget money and get approval for the idea. 


Car wrapping was made possible through a partnership with a marketing agency called ‘Carvertise’. According to Quezada, Carvertise has partnerships with other colleges and handles the process of advertising from beginning to end. This includes the interview and making sure the criteria are met. Criteria include the make and model of a student’s car as well as the insurance when a student no longer wants to have their car wrapped anymore. 


Car wrapping coincided with the Middlesex College rebrand in order to make sure that the right name would be advertised on the cars. 


According to the email sent out to students about the employment opportunity, students can earn anywhere from $350-$1200+ from driving their car. Money earned is based on how many miles per week a student drives their car. Drivers are selected on a first-come-first-serve basis and there were limited spots. 


Joseph Cooley, first-year health and exercise science major, said, “[Car wrapping] makes a lot of sense, especially if you drive around a lot. I wouldn’t want to have my car wrapped because it indicates to other drivers where you go to college which could be dangerous.” 


According to a presentation on how the advertisement is performing, Middlesex College drivers have exceeded expectations by approximately 700 miles resulting in an additional $219 this quarter.


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