Tatwa Vaidya, a Middlesex College student and Quo Vadis managing editor, had one of his photos published on Middlesex County’s Instagram account (@middlesexcntynj) last month. 

Vaidya posted the photo, a shot of Roosevelt Park covered in the snowfall Middlesex County received, on his photography account in late December. 

The Middlesex County Social Media Team said, “We look for images that showcase the natural beauty of Middlesex County, as well as represent all of the great things we have to offer, including delicious food, cultural events, public art and outdoor activities. In this case, not only was @ffoxx.24’s [Vaidya’s] photo a beautiful shot of our own Roosevelt Park in Edison, but it was the perfect image to share with our residents on a snowy day.”

 Vaidya said this is his second time being published on this account. 

“For the first time, I was super excited because, what I usually do is, whenever I post a photo of New Jersey I tag them. So, this is the second time they’ve reached out to me, and I was pretty happy that they’re using my work and they’re appreciating [it],” Vaidya said. 

According to Middlesex County’s Instagram account, individuals with unique photographs of the county can tag the Middlesex County account for the chance to be featured on a post. The account shares two to three photos a week. 

“To find these images, we look through the posts we are tagged on, as well as do image searches on all our municipalities to see what people are posting. When we come across images that we think really highlight and capture the personality of our county, like @ffoxx24’s [Vaidya’s] photo of Roosevelt Park, we like to share them with our followers,” the Middlesex County Social Media Team said. 

The Middlesex County Social Team said they encourage individuals to tag their photos for submission. 

 “We love to see the County through the eyes of our residents and by looking at photos online, we sometimes discover things that even we may not have seen before. And when we find those, we can’t help but want to share,” said the Middlesex County Social Media Team. 

Vaidya said he plans to complete his associate degree in journalism before majoring in journalism and media studies at Rutgers University. 

“Photography is the kind of thing that I  get passionate [about], since probably when I was 10 or 12,” he said, “To be honest, in my culture, everybody goes in to be a doctor, or everybody wants to go into a field that everybody wants to do…I always wanted to do something new or unique that kind of stands out. That's what attracted me to photography and journalism because I don’t see that often nowadays.”

Vaidya said he also had some advice for those interested in pursuing photography. 

“I’ll say consistency is the main policy if you’re an artist, first of all. If you are consistent with your job, you’re going to get treated nicely [by] the people around you. They’ll know if you’re not consistent,” Vaidya said. 

Students and faculty can follow Vaidya’s Instagram account @ffoxx24 and the Middlesex County account @middlesexcntynj. 


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