Metuchen’s Small Business Event banner for the town.

Metuchen’s Small Business Event banner for the town.

The Metuchen Downtown Alliance will be hosting their annual Small Business Saturday event in Metuchen on Nov. 28 to give small businesses exposure and support. 

An executive director of the Metuchen Downtown Alliance, Isaac Kremer,  said, “After everything the businesses have been through this past year, this is an opportunity for people to celebrate small businesses.” 

Kremer said this event is exclusive to small businesses in Metuchen, and most franchises won’t participate unless the location is family-owned. 

Thomas Peterson said, marketing and communications director at Middlesex College, “I do think Small Business Saturday is a terrific initiative. It promotes local businesses to consumers, who have become more inclined to purchase goods online. It brings traffic to small, local stores and keeps their businesses in the top of the consumers' minds for the rest of the year, as well. I shop online, but there is something about visiting a small retail store, where you can get to know the owner (and know that he or she stands behind the product) that is refreshing. I hope Small Business Saturday in Metuchen -- and elsewhere -- is successful.”

Michael Sulse, a first-year Middlesex College student, said, “This sounds like an innovative concept of community building during a time of social isolation.” 

According to the Downtown Metuchen website and Kremer, participants can use their receipt for a purchase over $10 as a ticket to participate in a Wheel of Fortune for a chance to win a prize such as gift certificates or free products. 

Kremer said, “Businesses should follow COVID-19 protocols.” 

That entails wearing a mask if you have not been vaccinated. 

A complete list of participating businesses and their specials for the day can be found on the Downtown Metuchen website. 


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