Library Webinar Explains Importance of Networking

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The Monroe Township Library staff are hosting a free webinar on the importance of networking for professional development via Zoom on March 25 at 7 p.m. to educate jobseekers on how to build a professional network, and its impacts on employment opportunities.


According to the Monroe Township Library’s website, the webinar, titled “Network Your Way to Your Next Job,” is presented by Constance Hallinan Lagan, director of the Entrepreneurial Center for Small Business Development. 


According to the Monroe Township Library’s website, the webinar provides a clear understanding of what the term network means and includes tips on successful networking.


Lagan said, “Networking is introducing yourself to others in a way that indicates you are willing and anxious to help them reach their goals, and that you hope they are likewise interested in assisting you to reach your goals… It’s important because the more advocates you have, the greater your chances of success.”


According to the Monroe Township Library’s website, topics going to be covered include the advantages and drawbacks of networking, initiating networking encounters, developing taglines, networking tools and opportunities, the networking process, scripts to be used when calling contacts for referrals and suggestions, and following up. 


Lagan said the advantages of networking include the ability to reach more potential employers than you could on your own, riding on the ‘coattails’ of those who have gone before you and who have established themselves in a positive light, and accomplishing more in less time.


MC student, Claire Bryant, said, “Last year I took a career readiness class to graduate high school, and my teacher told us that networking is important because it can open doors to job opportunities that you didn’t even know were there. I would encourage anyone who doesn’t know a lot about networking to go because it can be a useful skill down the road.”


According to the Monroe Township Library’s website, registration is not required. 


The Zoom link, meeting ID and passcode can all be found on the library’s event page.


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