A team of leaders around the world

The Educational Opportunity (EOF) will have the Leader’s Symposium on March 15 at 9 a.m. to inform EOF students on leadership development. 

Director of the EOF program, Alex Delgado, said, “We focus on a very holistic service of our students. Everything we do is what helps them grow and evolve. We have very transformational approaches. We invest funds in the team to provide training, not only on campus but off campus.”

Delgado indicated that the funding for students varies upon status. 

"If they [students] are full time, they receive $800; if they are quarter time $656, and half time $513,” Delgado said.

Assistant Director, Flora Stowe, said, "EOF is a larger campus community that brings it into a smaller one. We focus on students who are motivated and are coming from backgrounds that have been challenged financially or academically.” 

Retentive specialist, Anijah Jackson, said, “I provide meaningful information that students can use to develop personally, socially, etc, but mostly academically. I also was an EOF student, so I do want to encourage a lot more student engagement. Take advantage of these opportunities at your fingertip.” 

Advisor of EOF, Salim Williams, said there is a challenge when it comes to student participation. 

"My challenge is getting 100% participation, although we get a lot of students that participate. It is very hard to reach out to students although we use various types of communication,” Williams said. 


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