The Perth Amboy Center is hosting a series of Zoom webinars between Feb. 18 and May 6 to help students, including English as a Second Language (ESL) students, achieve their goals and decide their careers. 


Center coordinator Ashley Castiglia said, ““The Power of Mindset & Goal Setting” will be first, which [lays] the groundwork of what are your goals, how to set up [your] goals and [how to] be  in [a] positive growth mindset in order to start tackling them.”


According to an email from Castiglia, the series will open with “The Power of Mindset & Goal Setting,” followed by “Maximizing the College Experience: Incorporating Resources in your Action Plan,” “The Power of Choice & Career Exploration” and ending with “Voices of Middlesex College: Practices of Successful Individuals.” Each webinar will have four dates with each webinar, besides “The Power of Mindset & Goal Setting,” which has only one on Feb. 18.


MC alumna Penny Radziewicz said, “Any assistance in goal setting would have been appreciated. I had to learn on my own, and [it] took a lot longer to learn some of the things I am sure this workshop will cover, like writing out a list of your goals that you look at daily. Having your goals in the forefront of your mind before you leave your home and start your day helps tremendously in noticing the opportunities to achieve [them]. For fresh out of high school students, this would be a very helpful workshop.”


Counselor Ana Class-Rivera said, “[The] faculty is a great source of information. If you're interested in what they're doing, ask them. How did you get there? Which college did you go to? What did you do? What was your path like? A lot of us don't mind answering questions.”


Class-Rivera said that students enter college with the idea that if they want to have a certain career, they need a specific degree. 


“I think students make decisions based on very limited information … Students make decisions based on very limited exposure to careers. What ends up happening is we make decisions based on [what] we know, and the opinions of our families and friends. It's our little circle that kind of gives us all of that, and, unfortunately, a lot of it is incorrect information because people give [their] opinions [based on] what they heard,” said Class-Rivera. 


“Also, there's a whole other layer to it, which is the expectations, because many of our students are first-generation students, but even the second-generation students may not have all the [correct] information,” said Class-Rivera. 


To register for the “The Power of Mindset & Goal Setting,” go to

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