Center Continues College Experience Series

Resources from Academic Advising and the Perth Amboy Center

The Perth Amboy Center continues its productivity series via Zoom starting March 24 through March 30 to help students work on creating an action plan.


Ashley Castiglia, Perth Amboy Center coordinator, said, “What's great about ‘Maximizing the College Experience: Incorporating Resources in Your Action Plan,’ is we are featuring April Johnson, who is from academic advising, and it will not be a traditional lecture format for PowerPoint.”


According to an email from Castiglia, there are four dates for the webinar: March 24 at 1 p.m. and March 30 at 6 p.m. for non-ESL students, and March 25 at 6 p.m. and March 29 at 11 a.m. for ESL students.


Castiglia said the PowerPoint presentation would be more of a game to engage students in the webinar. It’s interactive and will look like a game board, which makes her excited for the students to engage with Johnson. 


Castiglia said, “She (Johnson) is such a gift to the college. Ana (Class-Rivera, counselor) will also help us with this to adapt it to English language learners. It's also going to be from the perspective of frequently asked questions; frequent situations for English language learners as well.”


Megan Cherry, a MC student, said, “I do not have a lot of personal experience with academic advising, but I think the webinar is a great idea.”


Audrey Davis-Dunning, Perth Amboy Center assistant director, said, “What makes our services so unique is the people that (the students) are talking to. For example, Castiglia is a professor; she's a current professor. She teaches, and dare I say, she's a financial aid guru. That's not a combination students have access to regularly. … This is a resource that you should use.”


Castiglia said there isn’t a cap on how many can attend the upcoming workshop. Classes can attend.


“Even if their faculty had planned to cancel class for any reason, they could choose to have their students attend the event, and I can take attendance for them,” said Castiglia. 


She said it is unclear at the moment if the Center will continue to hold the webinar series, but anything is possible. 


“We had looked at the survey data, and we looked at what students were hoping to get. The ‘Growth Mindset Workshop’ went really, really well, and students and faculty said that it's such an important topic,” said Castiglia, “And they found it to be really useful so, Ana and I decided, why don't we just kind of expand that kind of thinking and just offer some important thematic topics that are similar, which is why we decided to go with a serious approach.”


Cherry said, “As a student, everything can seem overwhelming, especially in the early college years, so when there are resources provided along the way, I think that is a huge stress relief. I believe that less stress will lead to a successful and enjoyable higher education experience.”


Angelo Abreu, Perth Amboy Center director, said, “I think that Ashley and others have put together some important programming, and we try to assess and ultimately evolve our offerings through our assessment. Our fall programming compared to the spring drastically changed based on feedback from faculty and students. Ashley has now expanded the spring workshops to include others from around the College, who are also resources for students.”


He said, “We will definitely consider offering more programming like this spring as students’ express interest, and if we're providing a need and tapping into students to be a bit more reflective about themselves, I think we should keep doing it.”


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