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The path many students take for their future

Student Life, Academic Advising and Enrollment Management are hosting a VIP Academic Advising and Future Planning for Student Clubs and Organizations from 10 a.m.-noon and 5-6 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 18 via Zoom.

Middlesex College academic adviser Christopher Mooney said, “This event will help students academically plan for future semesters, build a path toward graduation, meet with a transfer advisor and also gain career advice.”

Director of Student Life, Ode L. Hoppie, said this would be our third year hosting this event, and people will receive VIP treatment.

Middlesex College business major Erin Caouto said this sounds like the perfect event to plan out the rest of her time at Middlesex College and ensure she takes the right courses and not pay for a class that isn’t needed.

Mooney said this VIP event is for students involved in Student Life & Clubs/Organizations, and more information will follow about how to attend and when for those involved.

It’s a perk for being a club member because you get VIP treatment and plan for the spring semester, Hoppie said.

“To be honest if you’re not a club member and you pass by the event you can come in and ask some questions and we’ll still give you that VIP treatment,” Hoppie said.

“On the day to register for classes for next semester, students typically email academic advisors with questions. As a club member you get to come in and speak directly to an academic advisor to find out about the classes you need to take,” Hoppie said.

Hoppie said you’ll also get to benefit from meeting with the representatives from the career area so you can plan for the future to hear the options you have.

Middlesex College allied health major, Jayla Ortiz, said this event would be extremely helpful to attend because it’ll allow her to set up her spring semester class and help set up an internship or job.

Mooney said, “This event is a great way for students to learn and gain valuable information not only about the short term future, but plan long-term as well.”

Hoppie said about a week before the event, club members should have received an email to join the event, and if you aren’t a club member and still want to attend, you can contact Student Life at

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