The Voices and Votes: Democracy in America traveling exhibit will be on display in the Studio Theater from Dec. 1 to Jan. 6, Mon. - Fri. from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. to educate attendees on the different democracies in America. 

A collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution's Museum on Main Street has got the Voices and Votes: Democracy in America to our college. Professor Terrance Corrigan applied and won a grant to have this exhibition at our college, said Annie Hogan. 

Jakai Evens, a criminal justice liberal arts major, said, “It’s mandatory for me (to be at the exhibit), and I have (the) class.”

Evens said, “I guess I’ll just say the exhibit in general (is interesting). Sharing information about history that affected a lot of people's lives today.” 

The exhibit has various parts. You start on the first floor with who has the right to vote and then move down to the bottom floor of the Studio Theater where citizens' rights,  women's rights, and even petitioning. 

Thomas Wolfe, a liberal arts major, said, “I found the most interesting the influence to vote. Like overall, for example, them showing Pherall Williams showing everyone how to vote.” 

Claudia Roque, an education major, said, “I did find it (the exhibit) interesting because you get to learn a lot, and personally, I learned something I didn’t know before coming into this class.” 

Roque said, “The creating citizen’s board… I found it interesting how people don’t really talk about how immigrants don’t have papers. So I felt like that one should have been highlighted more.”

Billy Schussler, a liberal arts major, said, “I really like the political past. I wish they showed more of how people think.” 

Jacqueline Stanojlovic, a psychology major\, said, “Honestly, the last two parts (were the most interesting). Beyond the ballot and who is a citizen.” 

Stanojlovic said, “I think the beyond the ballot could have used more information. I think showing kids your voice does matter and can be heard matters.” 

All of the students had to present a part of the exhibit to whoever went to see it as a part of their final grade for the semester. 

The Voices and Votes: Democracy in America exhibit will be in the studio for the remaining of December up until Jan. 6. It is free and open to anyone of the appropriate age group. 



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