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Left to right - Stephanie Belizario, Joysleen Morales, Lauren Denton (PTK officers)

 Student Life services will extend its virtual-only protocols until Oct. 15 to prevent any large coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreaks.

Director of Student Life, Ode Hoppie, said, “Any Student Life activities or events sponsored by clubs will have to stay virtual until Oct. 15 for us to better gauge how we can proceed without putting anyone at risk.”

“It may even be extended depending on how things go or if there are any rules made by the admin or the state,” he said. 

Hoppie said while it’s certainly a downer to hear the news, he believes that students would still enjoy the services student life provides virtually. 

“We believe we can still get a good turnout at our sponsored events and everyone is still able to enjoy themselves,” said Hoppie.

Student Government Association (SGA) president, Anvay Patel, supports Hoppie’s decision to stay virtual to prevent any outbreaks. 

“I prefer in-person events just like the rest of us, but we have to sympathize with the situation and not put anyone in harm’s way,” Patel said. 

Hoppie said that it will be easier for some clubs to run now that they are back on campus; however, student life will not allow clubs to have meetings in person until Oct. 15.

Not all students are happy with this announcement. 

Second-year student Jacob Bleacher said, “If we are allowing students to attend in-person classes, then shouldn’t students get to decide if we want to have in-person meetings for clubs?”

Yan Yakirevich, a club vice-president, said he felt conflicted but respects the decision because he can’t change the outcome. 

Hoppie said that student life will plan a few events that will remain virtual for the semester. 

“We gave it a long thought on bringing back Harvestfest this semester but ultimately, we think it would be too risky and have decided against it.” Hoppie said.

He said Patriot Day and events for Hispanic Heritage Month would also be virtual. 

“Tentatively, we are not planning too far ahead until we have a better realization of how the on campus transition goes,” he said.

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