A group meeting where important information is being discussed

A group meeting where important information is being discussed

The Student Government Association held its first meeting of the semester on Nov. 4 and discussed many ways in which they can get the student body more involved. 

The SGA discussed the Student Advisory Committee. They plan on expanding the student body in the SGA to reach various departments of the college. To create a well-informed and functioning campus community, they want students to serve as liaisons between their respective academic and non-academic departments. The Student Advisory Committee will provide leadership opportunities to students. The appointment process requires a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, a recommendation from their respective department chairs (which could be waived) and a qualifying interview. The applications open in December and the selected candidates will serve on the committee from December to May of the current academic year. 

In other business, SGA President Connor Cheung went over the semester highlights including the Stay Connected Fair and HarvestFest. The president then made a motion to vote on whether the SGA could spend $500 on a photo booth for the HarvestFest since the event was funded by other departments on campus and the SGA decided it wanted to make a contribution as well. The current budget contains $5,000. Vice President Srjia Chatterjee seconded the motion and it passed. 

“We want to involve as many students as possible because right now (we are) running a pretty bare bones shift. So if we could involve more students it would be to our benefit,” said Chatterjee.

The vice president gave her report. Chatterjee discussed The New Jersey Student Government Conference which occurred on Oct. 22 at Drew University. This event was dedicated to colleges discussing student governments. Chatterjee went on to discuss how she was the only community college representative and the only attendee from Middlesex College. The SGA is hoping to have more students join so others can receive the benefits of attending an event of this nature. 

“Throughout the entire event, we had sessions pertaining to different aspects of leadership. For example, we had an organizational round table where different universities like Stevens talked about how they were able to organize larger student governments,” said Chatterjee. “We also had a committee and working group panel in the Founders Room and we had a constituency engagement and communication round table where we basically talked about how to negotiate with other people in a leadership position, how to talk to the faculty[and] how to present yourself to the administration.” 

Secretary Habeeba J Elwalily did not have a report to present. 

Special elections will be held at the beginning of the next semester to fill available seats on the SGA. More information will be posted shortly. 

Student Life briefly discussed the Transfer Symposium Seminar that happened on Monday, Nov. 7. A number of colleges came to Middlesex to discuss transfer options for current Middlesex students. 

Lastly, the SGA opened the meeting up to the public. Vice President Maria Kocha of the Social Club spoke about the winter event coming up and how they are considering doing Karaoke, movies and games. Kocha encouraged anyone interested in getting involved to reach out to the Social Club. President Katherine Rodriguez of the Organization of Student Unity spoke about a food pantry, a raffle and an open mic that will take place on Nov. 29. The New Brunswick Center Club advisor Joan O’Brien spoke as well. The New Brunswick Center Club wants to combine efforts with other clubs on campus so they can bring each other new people and get involved with new activities. Student Life will be reaching out to all clubs with information about a Student Life development workshop. 

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