Educational Opportunity Fund, Organization of Latino Unity, and Student Life is hosting a Bailando Virtual Dance Party from 7-8:30 p.m. on Oct. 14.

According to the Middlesex College website, the music played at this event will consist of Latin styles such as salsa, tipico, bachata, and reggaeton.

Director of Student Life, Ode L. Hoppie, said that the Organization of Latino Unity has been at Middlesex for about 40 years. However, this will be their second year of a virtual Bailando event because of COVID-19. 

Students will be on their own camera and still enjoy live Latin music from DJ Naeem and the opportunity to connect with others in the Middlesex College community. 

Hoppie said, “This event is open to all students, faculty, staff and administrators at Middlesex College.” 

Middlesex College communications major, Franchesca Rodriguez, said this event would be enjoyable to attend and get her entire family involved to have a fun-filled night of dancing. 

Hoppie said, “It’s very interactive; we’ve done our best to make these virtual events more interactive than regular Zoom events or classes.”

“Whether it is a club event, speaker or party, the college has done a great job making it an interactive experience for all the students,” said Hoppie.

Hoppie said, you’re not just sitting there watching a DJ spin and create music; it will get you in the dancing groove as if it’s an in-person dance.

Middlesex College early childhood education major, Monica Paiz, said this dancing event would be a great way to take time out of a busy day just to dance and not have to worry about any work or bills. 

Hoppie said, “It’ll be a virtual event highlighting ... genres of music in the Latin Culture,” said Hoppie.

Rodriguez said besides dancing with the family, this would be a great night as if she’s attending another school dance in person, and having it be interactive would be an amazing experience.

Hoppie said that everyone who attends is encouraged to have a great time. They can dance with family and friends while listening to music.

Students, faculty, staff and administrators can access this event through a zoom link on the Middlesex College calendar. 


For Zoom information:

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